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Micro amount testing devices EMPK®

  We develop, produce and market one of the most reliable training programms and testing methods for explosive detection dogs and explosive sensors.
EMPK® without its casing compared
in size to a one euro coin


We are able within a very short period of time to develop produce and deliver testing devices for most explosive types.

Why choose our products?

EMPK® are not objects containing explosive material as defined under Class 1 of the Explosives Act. The handling of the testing devices does not fall within the framework of the Explosives Act.
(Federal Agency for Materials Development and Testing Ref. No.: II.3/4726/04 and Certification, Federal Armed Forces Research Institute for Materials, Explosives and Lubricants (WIWEB) Doc.-No.: 330/27454/04)

Explosives detection dogs trained with our testing devices were clearly faster in recognizing and detecting contaminated testing devices no matter how small the concentration. This has been demonstrated in round-robin tests using detection dogs from various govermental institutions and private dog schools.

Our contibution to professional canine training:

As a rule, dogs a trained using loose explosives measured out in grammes. However, this method is subject to strict regulations owing to the potential dangers insolved, and increases the difficulty in training the dogs to the required level.

In addition, the handling of appropriate substances is indispenable for the development and evaluation of explosive sensors.

Handling highly explosive substances and self-developed laboraten poses a special challenge due to the increased danger and additional legal requirements.

Our testing devices with an explosive charge of only a few µg of analyte per devicesimulate a punctiformed odour source comparable to a fingerprint containing explosive material. At the same time, the evaporation process remains constant for a longer period dependent on only temperature and the substance used. The evapoation process of EMPK`s® is determined thermogravimetrically. The emission rate at different temperatures can then be extrapolated by means of the data obtained.

The constant evaporation rate ensures that the dogs are trained using a reproducible scent field. Moreover, this allows for an easier and safer evaluation of explosive sensors in terms of their sensitivity.
Our EMPK® devices are extremely low in undesirable odorants. Thus, when handled correctly, conditioning detection dogs to the wrong scents, for example, softening agents and redidual monomers found in packaging material, can ben ruled out.

The construction ensures that the analyte is emitted into the environment as a gas and not as particles. The unintentional contamination of a canine training course can more easily be avoided using EMPK`s® rather than loose explosives.
Round robin tests and trials in the field have clerly shown that EMPK® devices increase the efficiency of detection dogs.

Future development 

Our aim is to facilitate the development of explosive sensors and to contribute further to the training of explosives detection dogs. Therefore, the production of EMPK`s® and the range of substances we offer will be continuously enhanced and supplemented.